American Express Prepaid Card: Free $10 Gift Card

Get an American Express Prepaid Card with No Credit Check. Plus, get a complimentary $10 Gift Card when you order an American Express Prepaid Card and load $50 or more at the time of order. These are perfect for college students!!

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  1. Not a bad deal! These cards are so handy especially for use on the internet when you don’t want any personal info up for all to access!

  2. I love these cards. I actually use them for my teen ager and tween. They get a certain amount a month and when it’s gone, it’s gone. It really teaches them about spending and saving!

  3. These are great to use online so you don’t have to use your checkcard! $10 free is awesome!


  4. great deal!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Kim Bergeon says:

    I did this too! Love the extra money!

  6. I love these cards for all the sites you don’t want to use your card on. Free $10 makes it that much better.

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