Barbie Prize Pack Giveaway!


Yay! It’s a Barbie Prize Pack Giveaway!


Growing up I loved Barbies and now that I have a little girl of my own I get to enjoy them all over again!

One lucky winner will make a little girl very happy with all this Barbie fun, fashion, pets and accessories! Swimsuit Barbie is ready for some warm weather so she can try out her new gowns, bathing suits and short sets. It’s about time to break out the sandals and jump into the pool!

This fun giveaway was arranged by Mom Does Reviews and the graphic was created by EmptyNester Reviews.

Open to US only.

Giveaway ends 3/10 at 1159p

Be sure to do the mandatory entries. Only claim the entries you have completed.

Thanks and Good luck!

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  1. Lisa Marie Gibson says:

    My grandma bought me about 5 of them. I killed every one of them. I popped one of the dolls head off and stuck it on her foot and used it as a mop. I took nail polish remover to a couple of their faces and it made them completely blank. The last time I played with them I made a noose, hung my barbie on it and threw the rope over the ceiling fan and turned it on…. It was cool dodging a rotating barbie.. Until my ceiling fan fell. I was a Hot Wheels girl and was upset because my Grandma refused to buy me cars. Now, My daughter is opposite.. She loves Barbies and has a few second hand ones she got from thrift stores and just loves them.

  2. I never had the real ones. I had knock offs and tons of them because they were cheap. Also due to the fact my brothers used them in ‘war’ games. True story!

  3. Karen M. says:

    Only a couple Barbies, but I had mostly unique clothing for her. My mom sewed and used all the scraps for my Barbie “unique” clothes.

  4. Patricia says:

    I had 2 our parents were on a tight budget plus I grew up in DR I was happy with what I had

  5. I had a backpack full. I loved Barbie!

  6. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    probably 8 or so 🙂

  7. I had only one

  8. donna sanders says:

    I had only one…good luck all

  9. Helen Marie Jones says:

    I had at least 10 Barbies growing up.

  10. wendy c g says:

    to many to count love barbies

  11. Sheila Hickmon says:

    I had too many to count! I loved Barbies, still do 🙂

  12. Angela Erving Busker says:

    i had a boxful of Barbies and accessories, maybe a dozen or so, including Barbie’s younger sister.

  13. jennifer lane says:

    I probably had about five, my mom would sew clothes for them!

  14. Chelsea o says:

    I had a ton, honestly. I would do pretty elaborate stories with them…like soap operas haha

  15. Julie B says:

    14+ Barbies! Had a container full.

  16. kisha cotton says:

    I had a whole huge container full of them

  17. Peggy Greco says:

    I had about two Barbies.

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