Sale Cycles

January: Chocolate, soda, diet foods, frozen finger foods,linens, small appliances, air conditioners, carpeting, winter clothes, bikes, Christmas decorations, motorcycles, boats, sports, diapers and weight loss items

February: Chocolate, steak, seafood(post Valentine’s Day),oatmeal,canned foods, cereal and most breakfast foods

March: Frozen Foods, Easter meal items i.e. eggs, ham, gardening items and cleaning items

April: Candy, eggs, ham, cheese, frozen pies, cake mix, electronics, vacuums, cookware, tires and auto supplies, Kosher foods and organic items

May: Barbecue items i.e. hot dogs, beef, condiments, ice cream, party supplies, grill supplies

June: Ice cream, Popsicles, soda, pianos, building materials, tools

July: BBQ items, chips, grill supplies

August: Cereal, breakfast bars, peanut butter, lunch meat, juices, cold lunch items, yogurt, pool supplies, outdoor toys, bathing suits, summer clothes and most back to school items

September: Cereals, back to school snacks, hamburger, hot dogs, condiments, spaghetti sauce, cars, lawn mowers

October: canned fruits and veggies, dried fruits, stock up on holiday foods and soups and broths, large appliances, lawn mowers

November: Turkey, butter, cheese, canned goods, baking goods, cookware, tools, carpeting

December: Ham, butter, cheese, post-holiday sales, baking goods, some electronics, toys, winter clothes

Stores will usually have the best deals on items during a corresponding holiday or occasion. Oh, and remember after holiday clearance!

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