Cash Settlement for Nutella Consumers

As a result of a recent class action lawsuit filed against Nutella over falsely alleging that its hazelnut spread could be considered a health food, customers who purchased Nutella are entitled to receive up to a $20 cash settlement. (You get $4 per jar purchased during the eligible period, for up to five jars.) You can go here for more information.

To claim your money you need to fill out this form. Eligible claimants must have bought the product between January 1, 2008, and February 3, 2012. The last day to file a claim is July 5.

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  1. Joan Ferris says:

    I have purchased this product for years for my grandkids…they love coming to my house for this great and “healthy” treat

    • I know Joan, I think that’s it’s an unfortunate situation for Nutella. I mean nothing that is THAT delicious is ever healthy! 🙂

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