Constructive Eating Review & Giveaway!

I love unique and fun items, especially if those products make mealtime a much more enjoyable experience for my kids– and myself. The fun utensils, plates, place mats and more from Constructive Eating are guaranteed to have your little one scooping and pushing their way to food time fun!

The concept of Constructive Eating came from their little boy’s love of all types of construction equipment. With a home full of toy bulldozers, road graders and tower cranes it was not long before the thought of cheerios “rubble” became a possibility. Why not create a set of fun utensils that the tines of a fork, scoop of a spoon, and blade of a pusher are just like that of those toys. That, and more, is exactly what Constructive Eating has done. All made right here in the USA.

When I first laid eyes on the utensils and construction plate, I knew my son would be thrilled. He is a picky eater, when he actually does eat. This adorable plate and utensil set was destined to be a hit! He loved it! Not only did he have more fun eating but he stayed at the table longer and took more bites than he normally would.  The size of the plate was perfect for us and the utensils are light-weight and easy to grip for small hands. All pieces are dishwasher safe!

The Construction Plate sells for $14.95 and 3 piece utensil set is priced at $19.95. Constructive Eating’s utensils and plates are manufactured only with FDA approved materials.  The products contain no paints, NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates. Their products are fully compliant with the CPSIA of 2008.

In addition to the Construction Plate and Utensils, Constructive Eating has a matching Construction Worksite Placemat, Fun Front Loader Plush and t-shirts. Plus, they did not forget the little girls. Constructive Eating also carries a line of Garden Fairy plush dolls, plate, utensils and more.

To purchase the Construction Plate and Utensils or any of Constructive Eating products, just head to their online store HERE or check for retailers near you. For all the latest news and more photos, be sure to “like” Constructive Eating on Facebook!

Giveaway ends 10/28/12 at 12:01 EST Open to US only. Enter below— GOOD LUCK!

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Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned products, at no cost to myself, in order to facilitate a review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and are always in the best interest of my readers.

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  1. Jessica Thompson says:

    Construction Fan Bundle!

  2. Alicia Som says:

    I want a set of each the construction and the garden sets with the plates. One for my daughter and one for my son! How fun that would be!

  3. Constance Ali says:

    construction plate and the construction utensils,for my picky eater grandson

  4. Lori Williams says:

    Construction Fan Bundle would be perfect for my grandson!

  5. the garden plate!

  6. Gina Hodges says:

    construction fan bundle!

  7. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I like the Constructive Eating Tshirts.

  8. Alicia Stamm says:

    i like the construction bundle!!! Not only would my nephew go NUTS… but he MAY even eat his dinner… maybe

  9. Glenna Evans says:

    Willow – Garden Fairy Plush with Set of Garden Fairy Utensils

  10. Kisha Cotton says:

    construction fan bundle!

  11. Stephanie O'Malley says:

    I like the Garden Plate with the construction utensils

  12. Jamie Bell says:

    I like the Willow – Garden Fairy Plush with Set of Garden Fairy Utensils.

  13. Ruth Reynolds says:

    construction set

  14. Stephanie Guenther says:

    My son would love the construction fan bundle

  15. LaDonna McCrimon says:

    The Construction Set for my lil guy!

  16. the set of three construction utensils look amazing!

  17. Debbie Havill says:

    Construction plate and utensils!

  18. The construction plates and silverware for boys (orange, yellow, black) pictured above would be so much fun for my toddler sons! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Dawn Daugherty says:

    the construction eating set my daughter loves tractors & trucks.

  20. DebbieZanaty says:

    Fairy garden tools for my daughter

  21. I would love 3 of the construction plates for my 3 sons!

  22. Both my boys would get a kick out of eating with the construction utensils! they love everything constructions, true boys =)

  23. Tonya Douglas Brown says:

    My daughter would love the garden fairy set, it might even get her to eat more! Love this idea!

  24. Sara Doering says:

    The Construction Fan Bundle.

  25. Brandy Ables says:

    My daughter Piper would love the garden but yet my nephew would love the construction…

  26. Tonya Douglas Brown says:

    A great idea for children!

  27. Marin Mandrick says:

    I would like to have the Construction Fan Bundle

  28. Lyn Kelley says:

    Allo – Garden Fairy Plush with Garden Fairy Set of Utensils

  29. claudia anakaren tapia says:

    My daughter would love the garden fairy set! thanks

  30. My little guy would love the Construction Fan Bundle

  31. Melissa de says:

    I would love the construction fan bundle.

  32. Jaya Gross says:

    I would like the construction set. My son is really into building and construction.

  33. patricia webb says:

    I just love the construction set, it is soooooooo cute.

  34. Jennifer Rote says:

    Construction Fan Bundle for my grandson.

  35. My granddaughter is having a fairy birthday party so would love it for her!

  36. Defiantly the construction fan bundle…these are to cute!

  37. I would love to get a construction fan bundle for both of my sons.

  38. My little boy would love the construction plate and utensils.

  39. Haley Kasprzyk (Prather) says:

    I love the construction fan bundle. Looks like so much fun!

  40. shanna kimmel says:

    The construction fan bundle would be perfect…everything you need to make the meal a fun and enjoyable experience.

  41. Melissa Graves says:

    The garden fairy ones would be great for my niece.

  42. Jacquelyn Reynolds says:

    Any of the utencils and or plates…my girls 1, almost 3 & 4 would love the fairy ones nc my 5yoi sons would love the construction set

  43. Carren Larsen says:

    I think the Allo – Garden Fairy Plush with Garden Fairy Set of Utensils is adorable

  44. I think my daughter would ADORE the gardening set! How adorable!

  45. britany cochran says:

    the construction set… thanks so much

  46. Alicia Ransom says:

    Garden Plate~~~;jsessionid=0AC499B661C368F191FF510FB3904F35.qscstrfrnt02?productId=5&categoryId=1
    Set of 3 Garden Utensils~~~;jsessionid=0AC499B661C368F191FF510FB3904F35.qscstrfrnt02?productId=6&categoryId=1

  47. construction plate & utensils

  48. Construction Fan Bundle is awesome

  49. Ashley Boudreau says:

    My daughter would love the construction fan bundle 🙂

  50. Stacey J. says:

    The construction plate and utensils.

  51. Heather Wone says:

    I would love the construction set one for my two year old son!

  52. lori betz says:

    the construction fan bundle.

  53. ashley seeley says:

    Construction Fan Bundle

  54. This could be something that will get my son to eat, it hardy eats now. so this could get him to eat. would be nice to have

  55. rachel rohde says:

    i would like to have the construction plate and the construction utensils.

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