DASANI Bicycle Prize Pack Giveaway!

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DASANI Get Active. Get Hydrated Giveaway!

February 11-13, 2013

Sponsored by Dasani

Arranged by: Mommy’s Memorandum

Get hydrated with the great taste of DASANI, America’s first choice for water, and DASANI DROPS, a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer that makes that bland water burst with flavor. Customize your water with a drip or many drops, making your water your own personal drink!

dasani drops

Listen to your body. Staying hydrated helps the body perform at it’s best. It’s never been so easy with DASANI DROPS! With four taste-tempting flavors: Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut, Strawberry Kiwi and Mixed Berry, hydration just became an everyday experience! No calories and delicious flavors makes for the perfect anytime hydration!

Flip. Squeeze. Drink. It’s that easy! Flip the cap. Squeeze the DASANI DROPS into your water–a little or a lot, depending on your taste! And Drink away the day!

DASANI DROPS can stay home, or be your side-kick! Each flavor is available in a squeezable 1.9 fluid ounce bottle with a flip top cap! Intense flavor is nestled inside with each bottle offering thirty-two (8 oz.) servings per container. That’s more servings than any other flavor-enhancer offers.

Don’t think of water as boring when DASANI DROPS make it a delicious, sweet way to enjoy drinking water throughout the day.

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One Reader will win an amazing


(ARV $200)!

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Prize Pack includes:

  • DASANI-branded bicycle,
  • DASANI DROPS coupons and DASANI water coupons

Valued at $200 Approximate Retail Value


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  1. It never hurts to try something new

  2. Ashley Hall says:

    I haven’t tried them, but i love things like this. Low calorie water additives. I don’t drink pop, so I’m constantly trying to fund things to add to my water for a little variety

  3. Looks great!

  4. Meghan Phillips says:

    They look convenient and the flavors would go over we’ll with the kids!

  5. Victoria Harris says:

    I haven’t tried these yet, but I would like to. It’s easier to drink water when it’s flavored, and these flavors sound good =]

  6. John Joseph says:

    Looks good and the flavors make me want to try them

  7. Vanetta Harris says:

    I would love to try them because I need to drink more water!

  8. Christina Howell says:

    I haven’t tried these before and I would love too. I like trying new things πŸ™‚

  9. Looks convenient to use and the flavors look great too.

  10. Thinking I may drink more water with different flavors

  11. Trying to get in shape, want to get bikes for the fam.

  12. Debbie Corbin says:

    love disani drops! they help me drink more water and they are so yummy!!

  13. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently and would love to have a bike to continue losing more.

  14. I’d like to try the drop because it’s always nice to give your water a burst of different flavors πŸ™‚

  15. Anne Milkie says:

    I would love to try these favors!

  16. I love the flavor of them all!

  17. I love flavored water and would love to try these!

  18. I’d like to try the drops because drinking water is soooooo hard for me. if it doesn’y have flavor then I won’t drink it. I workout alot so I need to keep hydrated and if the Dasani drops adds a little flavor then I am all for it.

  19. I struggle trying to drink enough water everyday! Would love to try these drops, I’m sure it would make it so much more enjoyable πŸ™‚

  20. I love to jazz up my water sometimes!

  21. i haven’t tried them, but i love flavored water so i plan on trying them soon.

  22. We are woprking on becoming a fit family. We face some challenges with fine a nd gross motor skills, with our children. We are planning on buying new bikes all around. I would love to win these and save some green!

  23. Danielle Jacobs says:

    Flavor water, absoutely im in, Easy way to get your 8 glasses of water in for those that have a hard time!

  24. Kristi McDowell says:

    My daughter is doing an awesome job changing her life and losing weight, I would like to have them for her so she drinks more water and less diet soda! Thank you!!

  25. I would like to try them because I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to drink more water.

  26. I NEVER drink enough water – this might help!

  27. Plain water gets kind of boring so these would be great to change things up. ty!

  28. Adding flavors would help me to drink more water.

  29. Allyson Hunter says:

    I’d like to try them since I don’t drink enough water because I like things with flavor. This would definitely inspire me to drink the water I need. πŸ™‚

  30. Rhonda Breeding says:

    I would love to try them, I try to keep all my drinks calorie free and usually just drink tea or water. This would be a great way to add some extra flavor to my day!

  31. Pam Bridges says:

    It would help me to drink more water.

  32. Isabel Topps says:

    It would be something new to try!

  33. I love their water and would love to try the drops

  34. Dasani is the only brand my husband likes and the kids would get a kick out of the flavors.

  35. Would love to try these!

  36. Lisa Heilman says:

    I have never tried these either.

  37. jeannette woods says:

    I hope if the flavor tastes good it will help me drink more water

  38. I don’t drink water and really should. I would love to try the Dasani flavors. Thanks for this giveaway!

  39. Amy Osborn says:

    I would like to try the drops, as I think it might help me drink more water.

  40. Nicci Tapp says:

    I don’t drink much water, but my friends told me that I would LOVE this!

  41. Cheryl Rogers says:

    I look forward to trying these. Dasani is my favorite bottled water.

  42. Kim Jenkins says:

    We already drink Dasani water so to get the flavored drops makes sense. A little flavor now and again is nice! πŸ™‚ thank you for this opportunity!!!

  43. robert watts says:

    my doctor told me I am not drinking enough water so I,d love to try Dansani Drops to maybe help me to drink more water. Thanks for the opp.

  44. I do not like plain water unless I’ve ran a few miles. πŸ˜€ These drops have me drink more and like it.

  45. if they are as good as their water they have to be a great product!

  46. I like Dasani water the best of all bottled waters, so I’d imagine that the drops have a good flavor, too!

  47. patricia white says:

    I love dasani water, its all I drink but I have not tried the drops yet. I can’t wait! Sounds great.

  48. Lisa Brooks says:

    It looks really good and I would LOVE to win

  49. I like other brands that have water enhancers so Im always up to try a different brand esp if theres a coupon for it πŸ™‚

  50. donna sanders says:

    I gave up pop for water…I want to drink something that has flavor and not sugar

  51. I would like to try them because they would be healthy and taste good…

  52. Honestly I probably wouldn’t use them since I just love the crisp clean taste of Dasani Bottled H2O! My fiance’ would though.

  53. I would love to try these to liven up my water. My boss uses it and loves it.

  54. Veronica S says:

    I love dasani water Im sure they are really delicious πŸ™‚ plus very convenient that it will fit in my purse.

  55. I drink a lot of water and I love Dasani the best! I am excited to try these!

  56. they look yummy

  57. The flavors sound great! I am always forgetting to drink as much as I should….and I usually don’t pick water like I should! This would help so much!

  58. Emily Wells says:

    I like the flavors that are offered.

  59. nicole weiss says:

    i love drinking water and a little flavor would be nice sometimes

  60. We like how convenient they are, and unlike the envelopes, way less packaging so kinder to the environment. We bring bottled water everywhere, but in reusable bottles, not throw aways. πŸ™‚

  61. Kristin Bartoldus says:

    i would love to try them because the flavors look delicious!

  62. Kimberly Deacon says:

    A friend of mine just told me about them and said I have to try them, they are great. I can’t wait to try them!

  63. Donna Schuckenbrock says:

    Would love to try them!

  64. I enjoy Mio. I’d like to see if these are better!

  65. Bree Tinch says:

    I just saw these in the store yesterday. Can not wait to try them.

  66. Erin Johnson-pina says:

    I love tasting new things!

  67. I haven’t tried them yet, but just the flavors alone would entice me.

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