DIY Karate Valentine’s Box

DIY Karate Valentine’s Box

DIY Karate Box

I know, I know, it’s been a REALLy long time since I’ve posted!! But I figured why not share my daughter’s super cute karate valentine’s box. I just might enjoy making these boxes even more than my kiddos do! But hey!! Laci didn’t have any problem picking what “theme” of valentine box she wanted this year. She just earned her orange belt in Tang Soo Do last month so karate it is!



white paper (for wrapping box)

White felt squares

Craft foam sheet (for face, hands and feet)


googly eyes


hot glue gun

embellishments (stickers, gems, lettering etc.)

To start we covered the shoebox with white paper and then cut a slot on top for the valentine’s to slide through. Next, I really just winged the shape of the karate uniform. I was going for the side kick look. Hot glue was the key to hold the arms in a bent manner. Orange grosgrain ribbon made for a perfect belt. Once we were satisfied with the look of the body we moved on to the head. I cut two circles of craft foam and glued pieces of yarn between them for the hair. We glued on googly eyes, gems for earrings and a red heart. The last details were marker painted toes and red lips. I used my circuit to cut the letter for the name but use what ever you like! Pretty easy huh?!

Laci loved the finished product! It was a fun and pretty simple project. Send me pics of your valentine’s box! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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