eCigarette Kits Giveaway! 6 Winners

eCigarette Kits Giveaway
Feb 11-16, 2013

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This giveaway is bringing our amazing fans the chance to be a healthier you!

People Do want to quit. Quit Smoking that is.

When they hear a positive feedback from experience by other people, it really puts more boost into their motivation to quit this dreadful habit, yet again.

Do you know that any habit of any kind calls for a huge support from those who surround a person with the quitting intention? That’s why Alcoholics Anonymus has been the historical success. Quitting smoking is in the same category.

In addition, a person who has committed to quitting smoking needs tools and information to make the best choices within this challenging time frame.

Fairly recently, the market has introduced electronic cigarettes or eCigarettes as one of the effective tools in smoking cessation.

Are you kidding me? You pitch more cigarettes to the ones who are trying to get away from them?

Yes, you are right. eCigarettes are some of the most effective instruments during the smoking cessation process. How could that happen?

First, electronic cigarettes have been designed with the varying “quitting” nicotine levels within. As a person requires less and less nicotine, the cartridges with lower levels replace those with higher dosage.

Second, eCigarettes are smokeless and odorless. You could tell that a person is smoking by the LED light inside the cigarette case and a barely visible water vapors. What a nice change to a person’s smell overall!

Third, the nicotine mixture inside eCigarettes is free of over 4,000 dreadful chemicals tobacco companies put inside a regular cigarette in addition to the nicotine. eCigarettes do not contain formaldehyde, arsenic, acetone or tar to name a few. People using eCigarettes inhale just enough of pure nicotine to satisfy their craving. Nicotine is not healthy. But bare in mind that other 4,000 chemicals have been removed from electronic cigarettes! That’s a humongous improvement to a person’s health.

If you’re a smoker, do know this. Smoking is a habit that wants to linger and take over your life. However, there are solutions and tools that could assist you to quit smoking. And with the support around you, you can do it.

That is why we are giving away electronic cigarettes kits to 6 individuals who could benefit from them and succeed in Quitting Smoking.

1 Winner – $100 EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit, $100 Value

2 Winners – EverSmoke Premium Starter Kit, $70 Value

1 Winner – South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit, $56 Value

2 Winners – South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit, $30 Value
South-Beach-Smoke-Electronic-Cigarette-Reusable-Express Kit

All you need for electronic cigarettes is an USB port to charge the lithium battery and cartridges with nicotine. The kits not only save money. They literally put you on the path to a living without cigarette dependency.

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  1. April dawn humphrey says:

    Myself 🙂

  2. I want my husband to quit because I want get old with him and with his smoking the chances of that get slimmer everyday…..the reusable kit.

  3. Laurie in TX says:

    My mother and I both are trying to quit smoking. Would love to try the electronic cigarettes.

  4. I do not smoke but I would like to win this for my grandma or mom. Any of the brands would be great for a gift.

  5. Amy Cassidy says:

    I am trying to quit, I brought one from walmart cause it was cheap and what a piece of junk. I prefer the menthol but I have heard that the “good” ones are like 100 buck….. yeah that sucks!

  6. amber williams says:

    My husband and I both need to quit….we have tried many times before to no avail. I would love the eversmoke kit…..I don’t want our 2 year old to have health problems or think that its “cool” to smoke.

  7. Lisa Gauthier Miller says:

    would love the ultimate or premium starter kits

  8. Lisa Gauthier Miller says:

    I need to quit so bad – pls pls pls

  9. Shelley Coats says:

    I have tried to quit for years, I am on a mission to get healthy this year and I know the hardest thing will be breaking my addiction. I would love to win any of these to help me reach my goal!

  10. Either one E-cig is the only thing I haven’t tried, everything else failed.

  11. Deanna Sysco says:

    I really need to quit.I have stage 2 empisima

  12. Omg!!! I love this giveaway and would love even more to win 🙂 I’ve been telling my husband we need to switch over to ecigs to help us get away from nasty cigarettes!! This is awesome.

  13. Frances Hernandez says:

    Ever Smoke

  14. Patrick Hoyer says:

    I really need to quit smoking for my health and for my family. I would like any brand as long as it will help me stop. I have tried many, many times and just cant seem to do it on my own. I need help.

  15. Mary Bulka says:

    I’d be happy with any e-cig to help myself quit smoking. I’ve tried gum, the patch and neither have worked.

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