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YES- it’s FREE! Here are the latest deals that cost….. NOTHING! Well, maybe a bit of your time, as always I recommend having a second e-mail address you use for signing up for freebies, since a lot of companies want you to sign up for newsletters and such to get a free item. I suggest a free Yahoo or Google e-mail account, this will prevent your “main” e-mail account from getting clogged with offers! 🙂

Recipes & eBooks

FREE Diabetic Sweets & Treats Guide

FREE Recipes for the Grill cookbook

FREE “Healthy Recipes for your Nutritional Type

Free Copy of Your Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure with DASH!

Food & Drink

Free sample of Lipton Tea & Honey mango pineapple

Health & Beauty

Free sample of STAYFREE Ultra Thin Regular with Wings!

Free sample of LACTAID Fast Act Dietary Supplements!

Depend Women’s or Men’s sample or coupon!

FREE baby offers, samples, coupons 

Other Freebies

6 Free Products from Vistaprint

Free trial pair of name brand contacts

Free puppy care eBook from Purina!

Report card freebies!

Free Travel Guides and Brochures

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