PIF Valentine’s Day Giveaway! 16 Amazing Prizes 17 Winners

The Pay It Forward Crew is doing it again and bringing you a Exclusive Valentine’s Day Giveaway!
There are so many amazing prizes up for grabs! We want to make sure you, the fans, know we appreciate you all so much that we are giving away a total of 16 prizes!! The complete prize list is: 
1800 Flowers and Powered by Mom was so kind enough to donate 1 dozen red roses ($59.99 value)
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Love My Gems  and Mom Does Reviews has donated a beautiful Charm bracelet watch. You can read all about this beauty by clicking here
So Beautifully Broken Jewelry and EmptyNester Reviews has donated a beautiful Genuine Gemstone Bracelet with Hand Stamped Hearts. You can read all about this bracelet by clicking here
Country Trail Candles and Give Oh Giveaway has donated a beautiful set, which contains a Large Love Shack Candle, another Large Candle (winners choice), Wick Dipper, and Hot Chocolate Melt
381 Candles and Kimberly’s Thoughts has donated a new 381 candle
Coupon Hauls has so kindly donated a box of See’s Chocolates and Frugal4Four has donated a beautiful Typhon Charm Bracelet.
Zoe’s Printable Coupons has kindly donated a $25 Amazon Gift Card and Lucky’s Bingo Corner has kindly donated some wonderful Kim Hardashian Perfume
DHElegance and Donna’s Deals and More has kindly donated a beautiful Dichoric Glass Pendant and Choker
Mainely Cole’s and Chant3llo Blog has donated a Mainely Cole’s Valentine’s Mystery Bag (valued at approx $100)
Zip Shoes USA and Free Fun Fab have donated a new pair of Zipz Ruby Heartz Shoes. You can read all about these wonderful shoes by clicking here
prize 9
Its Free At Last has kindley donated a new bottle of L’eau De Chloe de Toilette Spray (ARV $65)
Faith Marcus Designs and Africa’s Blog has kindly donated a new Sterling Mini Hammered Heart Bracelet Pink Tourmaline
Couponing4you has donated a 2 Night stay at a Marriott Hotel (in form of $300 egift card) Can be used anywhere in the USA or Canada.
The pay it forward crew believes in saying thank you for being here with us and for being such amazing fans. This is just another way we would like to thank you!
This giveaway will run from January 25th 9pm Eastern time and will end February 1st 11:59 PM Eastern time. The winners will be drawn after verifying all entries and winners will be emailed. As soon as all 16 prizes are claimed via email all of the winners will be announced on rafflecopter.
This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed by facebook this giveaway is solely sponsored by the pay it forward team and the extra sponsors listed above. Each prize will be fulfilled by each individual sponsor and not facebook.
Good Luck everyone! To enter simply enter on the rafflecopter below! And remember what we always say! You can not win if you do not enter!

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  1. Brandy Hadley says:

    Thanks so much for this incredible opportunity! I love that the month helps to keep love in focus! How great is that? Yet, it is so easy to forget!

  2. Spending time with my husband 🙂

  3. chocolates.. flowers and date w/ my hubby…

  4. Vicki Wascher says:

    Just that extra special day to really show how much I love my husband. 22 years and love him more every day.

  5. Krista Boutilier says:

    I love that there is a day set a side to specifically be able to show your hubby and children how much you love them.

  6. I love using the day to celebrate the love my family and I share everyday.

  7. Gina Stanford says:

    The excitement of my kids! They love V-day!

  8. Melissa mcclellan says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s is giving and sending love to others especially my husband , my family n friends..

  9. Suzzette Smith says:

    All the romance

  10. April dawn humphrey says:

    The love 🙂

  11. Spending time with my hubby and family. We also celebrate my grandmothers birthday. She is our special Valentine 🙂

  12. Torie Peters says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines Day is sharing it with the person I love. One day that I am able to spend actual alone time with my hubby & the love of my life!!

  13. Alexandria C says:

    An excuse to be lazy and lovely all day with my honey 🙂 oh, and chocolate 😉

  14. Amber Crosby says:

    My favorite thing about valentines day is that it is my sisters birthday 🙂

  15. sharon powell says:

    I’m single this year so, I am not looking forward to Valentines Day. I would love to win though.

  16. Being spoiled <3

  17. Molly Hearn says:


  18. Susan Wrisley says:

    I really don’t have a favorite thing about Valentine’s Day. We don’t celebrate it. My boyfriend of 15 years and I feel that there shouldn’t be a specific day. We should celebrate our love every day!

  19. Suzzette Smith says:

    What an awesome gift this would be to win 🙂 my hubby n I could use a nice getaway

  20. This would be sooo great for my husband and I!

  21. Annika Dohrman says:

    Getting a date night with my hubby, which doesn’t happen very often since having kids 🙂

  22. Just being with my family, my loves 🙂

  23. best thing about valentines day….i would have to say spending quality time with my SO. We don’t get much of that with his work schedule and our almost 4 year old so having a day to focus on just us is nice 🙂

  24. Bunnie M. Short says:

    Spending time with my husband. It is the day before our anniversary and my birthday, so we combine the three. This year is our 25th, so would be an awesome way to spend it if we won the grand prize!! 🙂

  25. Dee Johnson says:

    We don’t usually celebrate many holidays, but I could really use some alone time with my hubby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I like Valentine’s day as it is another day to tell those I care about just how much I love them.

  27. Honestly I would love to win. My fiancé and I never go out for any holidays or dates just because we don’t have the money (since he works to help support not just me but his siblings as well) and we do not drive so getting someone to take us somewhere usually ends up as a third wheel or a double date nothing intimate. I really hope I can win and surprise him with this. Finding a ride will most likely be a hassle but if I win I wouldn’t mind the hassle. ^^

  28. sara wicks says:

    knowing its about love and I get to have extra time with my love 🙂



  30. Sazdona Evans says:

    Would love this time for some peace and quiet.

  31. Venetia Wilhelmsen says:

    I love elementary school Valentines Parties. The kids are so cute!

  32. Miranda Riddle says:

    For me, it’s spending quality time with the entire family. That happens on all holidays anyway, but Valentine’s Day has a special feel to it that, in our home, can only be surpassed by Christmas.

  33. Chocolate of course

  34. jeanette herlan says:

    i think i posted already but just in case. I dont need a special day to let my hubby know that I love him but getting spoiled in any way is always a treat and a special day to spoil or get spoiled is a bonus.

  35. Richard D says:

    Spending time with my beautiful wife, enjoying a great romantic dinner, and being away from home.

  36. Kris Garvey says:

    My husband and I don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day – we don’t go out to dinner, or buy flowers or other gifts. I believe things like that should be more random because we love each other, not because a particular day says we should. That being said, it is a nice reminder to tell each other how much we love one another, and to spend some time together just hanging out or watching a movie at home. This is our first Valentine’s Day with our baby boy so we’ll be sharing the love with him this year. 🙂 I also love that the feeling extends beyond your significant other – you feel the love from family, friends, and co-workers as well!

  37. I would have to say being able to spend some one on one time with my fiance. It’s just a really good excuse. 🙂

  38. John rutherford says:

    Would love this for valentines day weekend

  39. LisaJanus says:

    Sharing love everyday but making sure on this special day to show a little extra attention to my husband who is getting no attention at all because our lives are so busy and with two little girls it is hard to make our time… We try but it is tough… So on Valentines Day we try and make that day about us… We love our girls but we still need our time…

  40. Chelsea P says:

    My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is doing arts and crafts with my daughter. I haven’t had a romantic Valentine’s Day since I was 17!

  41. Valentines Day is a great reminder to show love not only on that day – but every day!

  42. now i love sharing it with my love. but as a kid, i loved giving valentines and treats to everyone to make their day

  43. Carley Rogers says:

    Love being with my family!!

  44. Getting to spend some time with my husband, of course the flowers and chocolate.

  45. Michelle G. says:

    Showing my family how very much I love them!

  46. I love getting to spend a special evening with my hubby!

  47. Ann Piotrowski says:

    love to be able to reconnect with my hubby

  48. Trisha A. says:

    My favorite thing is receiving the handmade Valentine my son has made in either daycare or school over the years.

  49. pattie stepp says:

    Showing the LOVE!!!!

  50. emma wells says:

    would love to win this and spend some quailty time with my husband sometimes i am so tired at the end of the day that i dont want to talk just sleep would love to make up for lost time

  51. valerie y says:

    Taking extra time to remember loving my family

  52. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is sharing it with my sweetheart. It doesn’t matter if we stay in or go out, as long as we are together! 😀

  53. Everyone is kinder & gentler on Valentine’s Day

  54. Jennifer Conejo says:

    Spending a romantic evening with my hubby would be ideal. It’ll be our 10th year anniversary on V-day 🙂 This would be awesome to win! Good luck to everyone.

  55. Lora Patten says:

    It’s one more day closer to our anniversary and another day more that I am blessed to be with the man of my dreams! This prize would make a perfect late honeymoon since we never got to have one.

  56. Rebecca G. says:

    Sharing time with my family..

  57. LarissaB. says:

    A night off with just my hubby!

  58. Padma Miller says:

    My husband takes me on a date.

  59. Emily Fultz says:

    You can feel the love in the air!

  60. Jennifer Schod says:

    Getting some alone time with my hubby.

  61. Jenna Burns says:

    I love making special treats for the family…

  62. Oh Wow! How dreamy is that room! There is nothing as wonderful and special as my time with my dear hubby and best friend. What a fantastic Valentines Day THAT would be to win 🙂 ♥♥

  63. Spending time with my husband.

  64. Janice Truelove says:

    Spending time with my husband..”My Own Truelove” It’s our holiday because of our last name 🙂

  65. Lisa Gauthier Miller says:

    The whole meaning of it and that is LOVE! It’s a special day to appreciate the person we are with and give them a card that describes how much they mean to us (not that that can’t be done everyday too). No dinner out as everyone else and their brothers are also out. Dinner date on another day for us!

  66. Melanie Bollentino says:

    All the pink! It’s my favorite color.

  67. Talica T Cranston says:

    The time alone for just the two of you to rekindle romance and to add to memories!

  68. Quality time with my baby. Doesn’t need to always spend, even a simple watching tv show with him is the best!

  69. I love the Marriott stay for me and my husband. It will be a nice gift for newlyweds like us. 😉

  70. Alaina Fair says:

    Being with family.

  71. Melissa Mizzoni says:

    Spending time with the one you love!

  72. anna sands says:

    Love is my favorite part of Valentines Day

  73. I love making cute treats with my kiddos!

  74. LaRene C. says:

    Would love to surprise my husband with this gift. 🙂

    • LaRene C. says:

      Valentines Day is a Day that celebrates Love in all its purest intent. I’ve enjoyed celebrating the day with the love of parents, siblings, school friends, dates, and for the last 4 yrs, a married relationship with a gentleman who has opened the door of married love to a 50 yr-old woman. I would love to say thank you in an uncharacteristically, splashy manner, with thia man who has been instrumental in broadening her world.

  75. Jmstrunk (Sybille) says:

    The best part is surprising fiends that don’t expect anything for valentine’s day.

  76. Samantha Worman says:

    Just being with my hubby

  77. The feeling of love in the air.

  78. The special gift and the chocolate

  79. Love in the air.

    • christene pilkinton says:

      My fav. Thing about Vday is spending time with my wonderful husband. We had our first date on vday. We talked for a year before we met. The day is a pretty big deal to us 🙂

  80. Jessica Collins says:

    my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is getting to spend quality time with the three loves of my life!! My husband and my two sons!!

  81. Cattz Zarraga says:

    candy & bling… it would be the best day..

  82. The best part about valentines day is showing my family just a little extra love i usually just get them all a little something they love on that day, but the best is just knowing I have a family that loves me as much as I love them… valentines is just a little reminder. And with my anniversary in Feb this would be wonderful! Hubby and I haven’t done anything special for the last 2 yrs since we have 3 kids and he hasn’t been steady at work.

  83. spending time with my husband

  84. Anne Milkie says:

    Just being told that your are special!

  85. With 4 kids, anytime alone with my husband is a treasure.

    Thanks for the opportunity to make it more special.

  86. Best part of Valentines day is making other people feel special!

  87. chocolate….

  88. My favorite thing is spending time with my love

  89. I think we get so use to our daily routines and we forget about showing doing special things for our special someone. Valentines reminds us.

  90. veda kunkle says:

    my favorite thing about valentines day is spending it with my soul mate and my boys! without them my valentines wouldnt shine like it does when they are with me. I dont need material items from them just their love 🙂

  91. My favorite thing about valentine’s day is spending it with family. My family gets together for a pot luck and watches a movie together. It’s a tradition we have done forever! Complete with chocolate fondue.

  92. Goldie Bieber says:

    Spending special time with my husband!

  93. The best part of valentines day is making dinner and spending quality time with my hubby.

  94. stephanie campbell says:

    Valentine’s day is the day of love and it was my mother’s birthday who passed 7 yrs ago

  95. Heather Richards says:

    feeling special and spending time with my husband.

  96. charity wilcoxen says:

    I love being with my hubby and kids

  97. I love doing something extra nice for my fiance which usually includes a special dinner. The stores are decorated with balloons, hearts, roses, and chocolate temptations. Children are getting their cute little trading cards together. It’s just a sweet time. 🙂

  98. The “day” part…lol

  99. missknits says:

    i love that everyone shows how much they love one another!

  100. We’ve never done anything for Valentine’s day and haven’t had 1 night alone in 6 years! This would make the perfect day!

  101. Barbara P. says:


  102. Christine C says:

    My favorite part is the opportunity to decorate and celebrate (this goes for most holidays)

  103. Dawn Stout says:

    Finding that special gift for those that are very special in my life!

  104. Jenna (Anderson) Smith says:

    Spending time with my hubby 🙂

  105. I love doing nice things for that special man in my life and my little girl.

  106. Mark Gramaglia says:

    a nice dinner

  107. Linda Kelly-Wiegartz says:

    making valentines cards with my niece and nephew

  108. chocolate heart …..and spending a special time with the hubby

  109. Favorite thing about Valentines is you get the chance to show a person how much you love them even though you can do it every day, it just seems so much more romantic

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  110. Stacy Green says:

    Chocolate…special dinner with family

  111. Erika Brooke ellis says:

    Spending a romantic night with my fiancé and giving back to him bc he always does so much for me.

  112. I could really use this one!

  113. Amy Burke says:


  114. Debbie Hartfield says:

    Just the different ways to say I love you to your hubby and children! and of course the CHocolate!

  115. I just love valentines day. Thks for the giveaway

  116. melissa jandal says:

    I love all the candy and flowers I recieve.

  117. Brandi Schmidt says:

    Me and my husband have not been out in several years. I lo e every moment we get to spend together with our two boys .:)

  118. Robert Pyszk says:

    Spending time with loved ones

  119. Love spending special time with my husbsnd

  120. The flowers from my husband

  121. Linda Walters says:

    I love the romance of the day. Plus the chocolates

  122. courtney hennagir says:

    i love making valentines with my son and having another reason to eat chocolate!

  123. christina holmes says:

    i love sharing it with my love and showing how much he means to me

  124. Candy . 🙂

  125. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is all the wonderful little cards and gifts my childern have made over the years. Their gifts are always given purly out of love with no expections of what they will get in return.

  126. Sacha Schroeder says:

    My favorite thing is getting to show my love for my family!

  127. My favorite thing is spending time with my boyfriend!

  128. Patricia P says:

    Valentines so sweet I have been discovering 3d picture valentine cards, this valentines will be for the kids yah. These giveaways are definlty valentines theme. Yah keeping fingers crossed..

  129. My favorite thing is another excuse to shower love on my loved ones!

  130. This would be FANTASTIC 🙂

  131. tammy hite says:

    getting to spend quality time with my son is the greatest valentine’s day gift

  132. Kelly McGrew says:

    my favorite thing about it is that my boyfriend always makes me feel so special.

  133. patti jamison says:

    Spoiling my grandkids

  134. showing my kids a little extra love-heart shaped breakfast, etc…

  135. Dana Pugsley says:

    My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is spending time with my husband He is always a romantic at heart but goes that extra mile on Valentine’s Day 🙂

  136. Peggy Greco says:

    I enjoy receiving a card, candy, a rose, perhaps, glass of wine, and hugs with heartfelt wishes from my hubby and just appreciating the spirit of Valentines Day.

  137. Amanda Rauch says:

    All the pretty decorations of red and pink and glitter and hearts-all so sweet!

  138. My favorite thing about valentines day is spending time with my husband. We always try to do a little something special for us on valentines day. I buy my step daughter a little gift but it’s my day for me and him, even if we do nothing more than cuddle on the couch with a good movie, it’s still special. I would love to win something from this giveaway, hopefully something he and I could both enjoy. Thank you

  139. Immaculate Copeland says:

    My favorite thing is showing that special man in my life just how much that he means to me.

  140. Everything Valentines is great!

  141. Keisha Talley says:

    The flowers

  142. Kellie Hunt says:

    I don’t have a favorite thing.

  143. My favorite thing about Valentine’s this year is spending time with my husband and little boy and getting to celebrate that we will be adding another little one to our family in the Fall : o)

  144. Love showing my husband and kids how much they are loved on Valentine’s Day!

  145. Would be GREAT! But I never win anything

  146. jeff rothrock says:

    the chocolate)

  147. Spending the evening with my single friends n having a nice dinner! Aka happy singles day

  148. Carol Trautwein says:

    A Card from my soul mate!

  149. I work at a place where we do customization. I love the cute things people say to others with there messages. You know there is a hidden meaning that will make some of them laugh….or even cry that they remebered the event!

  150. joyce-ellen holmes says:

    that i have an awesome Hubby to share it with!

  151. James Mathews says:

    Going to win something for my lovely wife.

  152. rotesha R. says:

    my favorite thing about V-day is the good food that I get to eat out and the end of the night.

  153. All the love and happiness it brings!!!

  154. Lisa Elrod Jones says:

    Spending the time with my hubby!

  155. Robbin Worobel says:

    AnyThing would be fun!

  156. Kim Hendrix says:

    Just sharing the love 🙂

  157. Elizabeth Kasson says:

    I love the love in the air! That is my favorite part of Valentine’s Day!

  158. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is having a nice evening out with my husband. Oh, and the chocolates don’t hurt either. 😉

  159. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I love showing extra attention and giving little gifts to show my appreciation on Valentine’s Day.

  160. Shelly Hammond says:

    I almost hate to admit it (almost) but it has to be the chocolate. I love the chocolate.

  161. Anne Hursch says:

    Great Prizes Thank You For the Oppertunity

  162. Joanne Alvergue says:

    I love it when my sweetie surprises me. <3

  163. I like seeing all the hearts everywhere. So pretty.

  164. Vicky Schalow says:

    I love just getting a night with my husband and having dinner together

  165. Getting to spend time with someone I love, and making special time for that person.

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