Railway Station Play Set Giveaway!

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Railway Station Play Set & Copy-Kids DVD Giveaway!

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road and rail play set, Railway Station Play Set

Railway Station Play Set by Plan Toys!

Hazelnut Kids is sponsoring this awesome Railway Station Play Set by Plan Toys! The wooden box of this Plan City Road and Rail set can be transformed into the Railway Station. This set includes road and rail pieces, a train, two cars, a bus, stop light, street light, trees, two passengers, two workers, a clock, platform with stairs, and convertable Railway Station.

Copy-Kids eat fruits & vegetables DVD, dollhouse

Copy Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD

Copy-Kids has an amazing video, which encourages positive habits in young children by encouraging them to copy other kids. Their debut release is a DVD entitled Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. In it you find children joyfully eating fruits and vegetables. Kids watching it want to join in. It’s that simple. And it’s effective.

Frugal 4 Four is very excited to share yet another exciting and fun giveaway with my readers!! Enjoy!

We would like to say a special thank you to our generous Sponsors

Hazelnut Kids and Copy-Kids.

and the awesome blogs that made this Giveaway possible!

This giveaway will end at 11:59 ET 12/21/12! Open to US residents only.

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  1. Tarrasa Mott says:

    I commented on the facebook page but ill just restate what i posted lol
    Im new to the page and their toys but id have to say that my sons fave toy would probably be the train set thats being given away! Hes obsessed with Trains and cars… well if it rolls he LOVES it!
    100% boy right here!

  2. Jeremy Van Sickle says:

    The joy of seeing my kids face when he opened this present from under the tree 🙂
    This would be a great present!!

  3. Maple Landmark Spinning Top

  4. diane sabatini says:

    Wooden dollhouse

  5. Jeanette Mays says:

    I saw a few things my daughter would like. She loves Dinosaurs, and the wooden/plush Dinos are really neat. The doctors kit, the kitchen stuff. I think she would also really like the greenhouse because she loves to plant things.

  6. Debby Chandler says:

    My grand child would love anything trains.

  7. My son would love the Wishbone flip rocker horse

  8. allison wilson says:

    I love their ball tracks, they are so neat!

  9. Patricia Patlan says:

    The kids would definitely love the mixer.

  10. Mallory Roy says:

    The kids would love the train or the mixer.

  11. Gina Stanford says:

    My daughter’s favorite toy would be the huge wooden dollhouse.

  12. erica jones says:

    i would love this for my nephew

  13. My son LOVES Trains

  14. Fix-it took box

  15. My grandchildren would Love this! 🙂 What a Wonderful giveaway!

  16. Nevaeh Cullen says:
  17. be amazing to give to my nephews. they love trains

  18. Wooden Fix-It tool box

  19. Jennifer B says:

    Glueckskaefer Wooden Stove-Sink Small

  20. Heather McFann says:

    My son would love anything under the trains,planes, and automobiles. Section

  21. Kids here would love the eco art kits!

  22. rose johnson says:

    anything do with trains

  23. this would be perfect for my son that is all about trains all the time

  24. He wants trains, trains and more trains, so the Railway Station will e a winner.

  25. wow special giveaway!

  26. My kids would like the Haba Capitol Architecture blocks.

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