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Subscribe to Golf Digest & Golfweek Magazines Bundle, just $8.99/year (77% off) from! Use Promo Code: 9571

About Golf Digest:

Improve your game with Golf Digest. Subscribe now to get instruction from the game’s hottest pros – Ernie Els, Justin Leonard, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods. Golf Digest gives you more and better tips than any other golf magazine. In every issue you’ll get two tear-out sections – Basicd, a refresher on fundamentals, and Pocket Tips, a review of the issue’s best tips. You’ll also get equipment reviews, America’s greatest 100 golf courses, feature stories, and much more.

About Golfweek:

Golfweek is a journal of record for competitive golf. Coverage includes PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA & PGA European Tours mini tours, amateur and collegiate tournaments business and options

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